Intelligent Office

Top 10 Reasons


Our franchise owners tell us that they enjoy a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 work schedule. You will appreciate having your nights, weekends and holidays with your family and can leave the exhausting retail hours to others.

Clean & Professional

At Intelligent Office, there's no inventory, no grease, no perishables, no receivables, no mess - just a beautiful professional office space and professional clients.

Dynamic, Interesting & Rewarding Work

As an Intelligent Office franchisee, you will be professionally stimulated every day. You will be using the professional experiences and expertise that you've developed throughout your career. Your clients are a diverse group of business people with a variety of service needs. These clients include attorneys, financial managers, engineers, accountants, consultants, therapists, brokers, contractors and other professionals.

Business Trends

Our business is supported by today's business trends. Many businesses both small and large want the flexibility of office space and office services that Intelligent Office provides.


Before you open your Intelligent Office, we offer a pre-openning training session. Approximately six weeks before your Grand Opening we will bring you and your partner in the business to the Boulder Service Center for a sophisticated, comprehensive, and integrated week-long training session. After your Grand Opening, our Director of Support will spend a week in your business working with you and your staff to ensure maximum efficiency at your office. Ongoing training is held year-round with regional seminars, audio, video, webinar instruction, and one-on-one visits from our operations experts.


We consultatively work with you to create detailed marketing plans designed to successfully attract your target customers. We work with full-service advertising agencies to help acquire the customers your business will need. You will be able to take advantage of a host of strategic marketing tools including public relations, internet solutions, automated email marketing, radio, print advertisement, direct mail and other tools specifically designed to reach your target audiences.


You will have 15 years of Intelligent Office business systems at your fingertips. We know how to help you profitably build your business. We have the systems and procedures to help you acquire customers, profitably support them, and keep them happy.


With nearly 50 locations throughout North America, you will benefit from an enormously successful peer group. This peer group will be available to you as an informal "Board of Directors" and can help you take advantage of business opportunities while also helping you avoid costly mistakes.

Real Estate Assistance

Our team of real estate experts will help you find your location, negotiate your lease, and manage the construction of your new business. Having succcessfully built nearly 50 locations, we are confident in our ability to help you get your location built on-time and on budget.

Minimal Ongoing Capital Requirements

Our business model is service-based and not dependent upon large, recurring capital investments in equipment. Once your Intelligent Office is built, your capital expenditures are largely complete where you won't need to worry about replacing expensive equipment that becomes obsolete.