Intelligent Office

A Day In The Life

The 3 Main Roles as an Intelligent Office Franchisee

Most franchise candidates want to know what a day in the life of an Intelligent Office franchisee looks like. A simplified overview includes:


Initially, one of your major responsibilities will be building your office, building your team of professional employees, building your office systems, and building your customer base. As your business matures, your role will evolve to a more executive supervisory function ensuring the successful execution of the systems you’ve already built.


You will use our system to recruit, hire, train, and manage great talent. You'll be the coach of a small, high performance team and lead them to success.


You will enjoy being the ambassador and champion of the Intelligent Office in your community. You may attend Rotary Club meetings, Chamber of Commerce events, and other business groups to build your business network. As the owner of your business one of your roles will be to build the Intelligent Office brand in your community.

Franchisee Profiles

Dave and Dana Middleton

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dana, a former corporate recruiter, enjoys running the day-to-day activities with her husband, David. She concentrates on sales, operations and motivating the team while David, also a former C- level executive, spearheads local networking and marketing. Quite a duo.

Silvia Zuniga

Fairfax, VA

Is a former Mid-Atlantic Vice President and regional Chief Information Officer for Marriott Hotels. Later, as a Vice President of Owner and Franchise Services, she was integral in improving communications between franchisees and the franchisor. She clearly sees the benefit of the franchise structure.

Mark Harris

Tuscon, AZ

Mark was formerly with Merrill Lynch and is also a pastor at his church. Mark enjoys the freedom and flexibility that Intelligent Office affords as he's able to spend time with his other passions in life; community and philanthropy.